When you have your belongings stored at a self-storage facility, you feel that they are completely protected as they are locked away and out of view of potential thieves. While locking a storage unit certainly provides you with security, there is still a potential for smaller invaders to cause difficulties.

Here are some tips to aid in keeping your rental free of rodents and insects so your stored items do not become damaged. 

Check Over The Facility Before Renting

Before you decide to sign your name on a rental agreement for a storage unit, visit the facility in person to get an idea about the caretaking procedures at the business. A storage unit located on land that is not maintained is more at risk for a pest invasion. Make sure the grounds are clean, the grass is cut, and the interiors of units are sealed properly. Ask if you can look at the exact unit you would be renting so you can check it for signs of structural damage. If there are holes in the walls or ceiling, cracks along floors, or a moisture problem, move on to another self-storage facility.

Avoid Storing Pest Attractions

If you store items that entice pests, they will certainly try to gain access to your unit. Avoid storing any food products at all in a self-storage unit. You may not only cause a pest infestation to occur in your own allotted space but also in adjoining units. This could cause you to need to pay the storage facility for any pest control tactics they need to take to eradicate rodents or insects as a result. In addition to food, do not store water in your unit. If a container breaks, moisture will cause damage to your belongings as the conditions of the unit become humid. This humidity is a pest attractant.

Evaluate Each Item Before Storing

If you do not take the time to look over each and every item you decide to store before putting it in your rental unit, there is a chance you will bring pests into the space at the time of storage. Mice wriggle into small cracks or holes in furniture or boxes that are not sealed properly. Insects may be present on clothing items or in between pages of books. It is imperative that you place your belongings in sealed containers or wrap them appropriately to help keep the potential of pest infestation at a minimum.

Reach out to a self-storage facility to learn more.