Renting a storage unit is an excellent solution to a lack of storage in your home. In your case, you may feel comfortable renting a unit appropriate for your storage needs. But you might want to minimize how much space is used to help you rent the smallest unit possible. Using a few strategies with your storage unit rental can make a huge difference in space consumption. 

Vacuum Seal Bags

An accessible item to use is vacuum seal bags. Some bags require a vacuum to remove all the air, while others allow you to extract the air manually. While looking at these bags, you will find a wide variety of sizes, making it important to choose the right ones for your needs.

Vacuum seal bags are great for bedding, blankets, clothes, and pillows. So, you can go shopping for them with the goal of sealing most or all these items away.

Shelving Units

Whether you rent a small or large storage unit, you can use shelving units on the walls. While these shelves will not increase total storage capacity, you will find that they make it easier to use every bit of space inside the unit. You only need a few shelves to store boxes from the floor to the ceiling. The major benefit of shelving units is stacking only a few boxes at a time.

Depending on size, you can stack anywhere from two to four boxes on each shelf. Then, you can repeat this process for every shelf until you have floor-to-ceiling storage.


An important part of saving space is disassembling furniture and oversized items. One of the easiest solutions is removing legs from chairs, desks, and tables. This will allow you to store the legs in one area and the tops of desks and tables in another area. An excellent strategy is to use a plastic pallet or two to put these furniture pieces on to keep them from touching the ground. This will minimize the chance of dirt, grime, and water getting on the furniture. Water is a potential issue for outdoor storage units when a major storm leads to flooding. The plastic pallet will bring the furniture a few inches off the ground to provide sufficient protection.

Saving space will maximize satisfaction with your storage unit rental and help you save money by renting a smaller unit than you might have thought you needed.

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