When you invest in commercial self storage, you want to get the right unit for your company's needs. Commercial storage units can be used for a variety of things, including housing inventory, appliances, large pieces of machinery, and even office furnishings and computers or other digital items. A commercial self storage unit differs from personal storage units in a few ways, including the size of units available and how the units are set up.

When looking at commercial storage units, you need to shop smartly. This way, your investment goes into the right storage facility and you can keep your items in self storage no matter how short or long you need the service. Here are things to look for in commercial self storage.


Most storage facilities have some type of security, but what you're looking for is constant security for the storage unit you use. Seek commercial storage units that are well-lit with lights that sense movement or are lit up with the use of solar panels so the commercial units stay well-lit to deter thievery and vandalism. Commercial storage units should also be surrounded with strong commercial fencing that helps further protect the units.

If possible, live security should be available to give you further reassurance of the items you have in storage. You should have to use a gated key entry code to get in and out of the yard of your commercial storage units, so you have the best experience in this endeavor.


The right commercial storage units will be able to meet all your needs, whether you have large commercial machinery to keep in a covered storage yard or you have items that have to be stored in a more climate-controlled unit. Units should also come with shelving, lighting, and have exterior access for easier loading and unloading. Some commercial self storage units are more like miniature warehouses with ample space, so explore all your options before selecting the right commercial storage units for your needs.

When you sign a contract to have commercial storage units, ensure that you can do a month-to-month payment plan, or see if you can get a discount if you opt for a more long-term commercial storage solution. Costs vary for your self storage commercial needs, based on the size of the unit you choose and any other features you want in your storage unit. You'll get a price list from your commercial self storage manager.