When you decide to go on a long vacation, you may put most of your time and effort into planning your itinerary at your destination. Being away from home for a few weeks or even a month means that you will likely want to come back to everything being the same inside your house. But, if you plan to be gone for several months, you may want to turn your home into a vacation rental.

Renting a storage unit is smart because it will give you all the storage space that you need.

Personal Possessions

One of the most important things to put away is all the personal possessions that relate to your family and friends. This means that you will want to put away family photos and certain artwork pieces or decorations that were given as gifts but do not fit into the overall style of your home.

If you do not want to forget where all these items belong in your home, you should from room to room and take photos of the overall layout. This will give you something to look at when you return from vacation and remove items from storage so that you can set up in your home again.

Excess Furniture

While your family may like having a lot of furniture in the house, you may not want your home to look excessively cluttered when listing it as a vacation rental online. An excellent way to go about handling this situation is to imagine that you are staging your home to put it up for sale. Making it look attractive to potential buyers will likely yield the same results with vacationers.

Before you pick a storage unit size, you should figure out all the furniture pieces that you intend on putting in storage because these items will usually take up the most space.

Pet Belongings

If you have several pets, you may intend on bringing them along for the vacation or having them stay with a relative, friend, or at a boarding facility. This means that you will benefit from removing all the pet furniture and belongings from your home. These items will not serve any purpose being in your home while it is functioning as a vacation rental until you come back home.

When you want to use a lengthy vacation as an opportunity to make income on the side by turning your home into a vacation rental, you should rent a storage unit to set it all up. Contact a facility, like Eastside Self Storage and RV Park, to get started.