Storage units can provide a way for you to store your home's belongings, but they vary greatly in size. This means that you can even store vehicles in a storage unit, including boats and smaller personal watercraft. Understanding some of the advantages of placing your watercraft in a storage unit, instead of storing it in your driveway, garage, or in the marina can help you decide if renting a storage unit is the right fit for your needs.

Free Up Space

Choosing a storage unit to place your boat or watercraft in during the winter season can help create space within your home. This means that you won't have to worry about working around a large, immobile mass within your garage, and you won't have to sacrifice a massive amount of parking space in your driveway either. Look for a storage facility that has 24/7 access to ensure that you always have the ability to access your watercraft, which means that you can enjoy more space within your home without sacrificing any of the convenience of always having access to your watercraft. 


One of the largest advantages of using a storage unit instead of keeping your watercraft in the marina or your driveway is the fact that storage units are very good at discouraging theft. This is because each storage facility has a number of security features, on top of the individual security features that each individual storage unit has. In order to absolutely minimize the risk of theft of your watercraft, look for a storage facility that has a locked perimeter and security features like a consistent security guard presence, CCTV cameras, and the ability to place your own lock on your storage unit as well as the built-in variant.


Finally, the last major reason why you should consider renting a storage unit to keep your watercraft in during the off-season or when you won't be using it for an extended period of time is because the sealed nature of storage units helps reduce the risk of environmental or weather damage affecting your boat or watercraft, as can be the case with driveway or marina storage. This can help reduce maintenance and repair costs in the summer season, and ensure that your watercraft is good to go as soon as you place it back in the water. To reduce the risk of moisture and temperature damage even further, you may want to consider renting a climate-controlled unit that will moderate the humidity and temperature levels within your storage unit.

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