If you need to keep computers, televisions, electronic musical instruments, entertainment systems, or other electronic devices in storage, how can you be sure of their safety? Electronics that are relevant to your interests are likely a jackpot to thieves, and there are a few dust and corrosion threats that can leave your belongings a few tiers lower in quality when you take them out. Here are a few secure self storage features to look for and inspect, just to make sure your electronics have the best chance possible in a storage unit.

Security Features For Protection And Retrieval

There's no such thing as a perfect defense, but there are a few affordable and fairly standard features that can keep your belongings safe from thieves. You don't need to be worried about the greatest thief in the world suddenly taking an interest in your random storage unit; it's the average thieves and passing moments of temptation that matter the most.

The most basic features for any facility claiming to be secure is an indoor facility and a set of security cameras. Outdoor storage complexes aren't secure unless the individual units are for massive, commercial-level stored goods, and it's easier to maintain security footage on indoor spaces.

You must confirm that the cameras are actually working. Some businesses install either fake cameras or don't bother to record in order to save money while keeping would-be thieves away. It's essentially a scarecrow for people, but you need more than the deterrent. You need video evidence in case someone successfully robs your storage unit and positive identification is needed. 

Pick a specific day and time to stand in front of different cameras. Ask to see surveillance footage from that time to make sure that the footage is up to date instead of being stock video to look convincing.

Facility Patrol, Maintenance, And Cleaning

Security personnel, maintenance personal, and cleaning systems are necessary for a secure storage facility. You need security guards to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, a maintenance team to make sure that the climate control and air filtration systems are working, and either a janitorial team or an impressive set of filtration systems.

Check each part of the personnel and support system by observing how they work from a safe, respectable distance. Security needs to be present 24 hours a day, and maintenance shouldn't take more than a day to attend to any complete system failures.

A janitorial team isn't a huge priority for customers because the general space cleaning doesn't do much for your closed storage unit. The janitors may, however, be responsible for changing filters or cleaning off certain air intake areas. 

Contact a secure self storage facility, like North Star Mini Storage, to discuss other features that can keep your electronics safe.