It is very important that when you get a storage unit, that the storage unit is well built. There are many different things that you should look for in a good storage facility. Whether you are going to keep your things in a storage unit long term or it is just temporary, you do not want to have your things ruined. To make sure that you rent a good storage unit, here are a couple of different characteristics of a good storage unit facility.

Pest Control

When you are looking at the different storage units through your area, look for any signs of pests. Pests really come in two varieties, you want to look or insects and rodents. These different types of pests can cause a great deal of damage to your belongings. When looking at a potential storage unit, look for any sign of insects or rodent. Usually rodents will leave fecal pellets that are difficult to spot. Inspect the storage unit very well. Insects will be currently crawling on the ground. If there are no pests then you have found a potential storage unit.

Weather Proof

There is no way that a storage unit can be completely weather proof because of hurricanes and other natural disasters, but you do want the storage unit to be very well built. You want the unit to have the ability to keep your belongings safe and dry even during a terrible rainstorm. If at all possible, inspect the storage unit right after a very large rainstorm. Look for any signs that the storage unit is leaking. If you find that there is no leak then you are in good shape. If there have not been rainstorms lately, then look for water stains on the ceiling and on the ground.

Talk With Management

The management team is going to be a good resource for you. It is a very good idea to actually speak with the management before you purchase a contract at the storage facility. They may be able to tell you what they do on a monthly basis to keep the pests at bay. They will also be able to show you how they handle leaking storage units. One of the most important things that the management can show you is the contract. Make sure that you take a little bit and read the contract. You do not ever want to be taken by surprise by a contract clause.