If you plan on going away to college in the near future, and your school does not allow for you to bring along a vehicle for the first semester of classes, steps will need to be taken to ensure it is well-protected in your absence. There are several points to consider when storing a vehicle for several months to help in keeping it safe from theft and damage. Here are some tips you can use to keep your vehicle in the best of condition while you are away at college so it can be utilized right away upon your return.

Remove Valuables And Obtain Extra Keys

It is a good idea to remove all valuables from the interior of your vehicle so there is no chance of them getting stolen while you are away. Electronics should be removed and placed in a storage facility or kept in a family member's home until you are able to get back from college to retrieve them. Consider having a second set of keys made to give to a trusted friend or family member. This way, if the vehicle needs to be moved for any reason, the person with the keys will be able to handle this without incident.

Invest In A Tarp To Keep Your Vehicle Covered

If you have a tarp to drape over your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing debris will not accumulate upon its body while you are away. A tarp will also aid in keeping the vehicle hidden from view, making it less likely someone will try to break inside as a result. Purchase a dark-colored tarp custom-made for the specific make and model vehicle you have. This way it will ensure a perfect fit. A darker hue will aid in keeping the vehicle obscured from view. 

Consider Using A Storage Facility For Protection

If you do not have a safe property to keep your vehicle when going away to school, renting an auto storage unit, like Ship Creek Storage, is an option. Your vehicle will be kept safely housed in a contained area, making the potential for the risk of theft extremely low as a result. In addition to reduced theft chances, the vehicle will remain clean as it will be in an enclosure away from debris. Many find that using a storage facility is a great option to help in keeping a vehicle out of direct sunlight, minimizing the chance of cracking and peeling of paint as a result.